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Anonymous at 14:56 on 4 Jun 2012

Anonymous at 15:55 on 4 Jun 2012

The github for testing - nice idea!

Nice introduction. I guess it is hard to convince people to use CI for Open Source projects; maybe you should put even more emphasis on the real benefits / necessity of automated testing :-)

Someone asked during the talk if there is some plans to add gamification of test results. While I am not aware of such plans here is a link to the current API (please request anything that is missing) that could enable building this on top of travis:

Do note those API docs are incomplete. So there is actually already more exposed, but we need help updating the docs.

@Lukas: Thanks for the link. I wasn’t the guy asking but I know the guy and will tell him :) Thanks for your nice structured and entertaining talk!

I like Travis-ci and I knew it already. So I probabaly should have chosen another talk. For people who did not know Travis-ci Lukas had enough enthusiasm to get them hooked on Travis-ci.

Anonymous at 13:38 on 6 Jun 2012

Solid introduction to this CI service

Anonymous at 00:13 on 7 Jun 2012

Great talk, fluently and at some points funny. Love that unicorns ;)