Automated Deployment: From Jenkins to Production


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Interesting topic - unfortunately the talk didn't live up to its promise.

Anonymous at 16:07 on 4 Jun 2013

Ended right when it started to get interesting. Ok. I have a vague idea now, that you use Jenkins to build rpm packages of your project. Some more details would have been interesting.

Anonymous at 01:25 on 5 Jun 2013

Too bad they only had 45 minutes. Felt like had to stop in the middle of it..

Anonymous at 16:28 on 5 Jun 2013

Indeed - this session obviously would have needed a full hour or more to covered all the aspects in detail. But even as it was, i got a few nice pointers as to how to reboot our deployment :-)

Painfull to watch. I was really interested in the topic, but nothing was delivered. Instead the two got lost in supposed to be funny dialogs. Do you know the german word "Fremdschämen"?