QA within a Scrum context has one big problem: stories tend to become testable only towards the end of a sprint, and often all at once! This can greatly reduce the amount of testing time available for each sprint. Kanban's 'stop starting, start finishing' principle, which encourages the team to limit work in progress and collaborate to get stories across the board, is potentially an ideal solution to this problem.

This talk discusses the benefits that Kanban brings to the QA process, including better dev-QA collaboration, faster feedback loops, and less wasted resource. James will also discuss the challenges and stumbling blocks of adopting Kanban for greenfield projects, and introduce a recommended workflow for effective QA within a Kanban context.


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Grace Zarczynska at 21:07 on 22 Feb 2017

It was a very great talk - very great insight into working with Kanban

QAmazing! chat which echoes how the entire QA team views Kanban.

Clear presentation with some really good insights on Kanban out of the speaker real project experience as a QA engineer working on project using Kanban. WIP, managing their workflow, flow... all within some context that involved the QA perspective.

Good talk by James, liked how he shared his experience and opinions during the questions as well. I would suggest in future to be more animated. Though a great talk it did feel like it was being presented to just one person. Its the same issue everyone goes though in there first few talks (Im exactly the same!). Looking forward to more talks like this in the future.

Eugene Svidko at 16:06 on 24 Feb 2017

Nice talk, really enjoyed the use of real life examples overviewing the project and covering both advantages and barriers of working with Kanban.