A walkthrough of how the command line has evolved from the first shell all way to what we know and use today. We'll explore the power of command line, how the different flavours work, why they exist, what came before, and how we can use it to its full potential – with live (ish) demos.


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Grace Zarczynska at 14:36 on 22 Feb 2017

Great talk, very well presented

Carlos Ortega at 14:43 on 22 Feb 2017

Amazing presentation. I really enjoyed it. I always believed that if cannot hack it, you don't own it.

Ben Longden at 15:53 on 22 Feb 2017

Crazy Mahdi. Fun presentation. Good work. :D

Great talk given in an engaging and energetic style which set everyone at ease. Possibly needed a little more content.

Norbert Nagy at 10:52 on 23 Feb 2017

Very good presentation! I really hope we will see more like this :)

Becky Jones at 12:39 on 23 Feb 2017

Really fun & engaging talk. Didn't know Windows 10 had a bash shell, despite owning a Windows 10 laptop, and also didn't know the real differences between Powershell and cmd.exe so worth watching!

Eugene Svidko at 16:00 on 24 Feb 2017

Entertaining talk, constructive and very well presented. Looking forward to more of these!