As a survivor of an ad-serving industry, I have decided to share my knowledge of the complicated intricacies of the online advertising industry.

What is retargeting and what do media buyers do? This talk is here to help you understand what goes into making those tiny annoying boxes on websites.


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Amelia Bradshaw at 22:11 on 22 Feb 2017

Nice to see a new speaker. Good slides, engaging, and warm delivery.

I'm also now installing ad blocker.

Excellent insight into the ad industry.

Fantastic talk, I feel like I learned a lot and the takeaways (listen to our clients and help them find new approaches for advertising) were really good. Keep up the good work :)

Becky Jones at 12:41 on 23 Feb 2017

For a topic I thought I wasn't really *that* interested in, this was a really interesting talk!

I'll also now be installing an adblocker and making more of an effort to clear my cookies occassionally :)

The ideas about how we could offer alternative ad solutions to our clients were really good (& I hope we actually consider them because implementing ad scripts is one of the more frustrating things we do as front-end developers....knowingly putting something awful and slow onto a site!)

Was a great look into the ad industry and how they are looking to seamlessly integrate into sites instead of the old fashion "LOOK HERE!" mentality.

Eugene Svidko at 16:11 on 24 Feb 2017

Always wondered what makes those "chasing products" products chasing me for so long. Great talk!