jiran - Jira Command line tool


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Ciaran McNulty at 15:10 on 8 Jun 2016

A good story of how the tool was developed, and a nice peek at the functionality

Kieren Evans at 10:03 on 9 Jun 2016

Great information on how to select packages (that applies to choosing which cookbooks you use in chef as well). Delivered well, I was entertained and I want to start using it now!

Really nice tool that can speed up things I'll start using it once the password is not stored as plain text and authenticate in a different way (OAuth?)

Marco Lopes at 13:40 on 9 Jun 2016

Great insight into the development of Jiran, and the decisions behind it.

Interesting chat about a dev interface to a tool with a well established GUI but if it encourages people to use JIRA more then go for it!

Gareth Midwood at 21:59 on 9 Jun 2016

Great info on creating an open source tool. Loved the sections you broke the journey into, it gave a really clear path on how to do this for yourself. Top stuff