Protect your home with rIoT gear


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Ciaran McNulty at 16:06 on 8 Jun 2016

Had a great flow from end to end and loved the slides

Marek Pietrzak at 09:57 on 9 Jun 2016

I really enjoyed this talk. Very entertaining and great slides!

Kieren Evans at 10:07 on 9 Jun 2016

Absolutely amazing slides - it's been great watching Gareth put these together in the Leeds office.
On the day, great delivery, with humour both through the slides and speech.
Loved the voting web app and glad it worked alright on the day!
Sorry for the hard question from me at the end.

Awesome hand-made slides. Great topic for a DevDay, stimulating, great pace and Gareth seemed to have done his research also. Top notch!

Really cool, I have found a new use for my RasPi :)

Marco Lopes at 13:41 on 9 Jun 2016

Hand-made slides and the chance for the audience to interact with the hardware? Yes, please.

Excellent use of real time demoing and homemade pictures on slides, very entertaining.