You First


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Ciaran McNulty at 14:12 on 8 Jun 2016

Great insight into the company's approach and values. Timekeeping could be better ;-)

David Lukac at 14:43 on 8 Jun 2016

Great and motivating insight into what's happening on business level and how customers view us.

Was good to find out what's happening on the business side, receive customer's feedback and areas of improvement.

Becky Jones at 13:07 on 9 Jun 2016

Nice reminder of company values & motivating

Good overview of our company direction but the slides were abit out of sync/distracting - perhaps Yair should control them next time. But does he even need slides?

Both motivating and demotivating at the same time. It's incredible goals that we set for ourselves and amazing ways to achieve them. Sadly, that's often detached from everyday reality (on the upside, this got some conversations going and the ball rolling to bridge the gap).
Time keeping and slide sync could be improved