Inviqa’s Consultancy Practice was established earlier this year. This talk will focus on why the Practice was created, attempt to define what ‘consultancy’ is, and show how the Practice is designed to benefit both clients and Inviqa. You’ll learn the about ‘the story so far’, and about the Consultancy Practice’s future ambitions.


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Marcello Duarte at 14:14 on 9 Dec 2016

Nicholas is a very clear, born natural public speaker. The presentation was paced and delivered energetically and definitely did the job it promised to do.

Inviqa UK at 14:19 on 9 Dec 2016

Excellent description of the consultancy practice.

Carlos Ortega at 14:57 on 9 Dec 2016

Very clear and understandable. Definitely learning from it :)

Rupert Jones at 09:52 on 12 Dec 2016

Enjoyed receiving some insight into the consultancy practice.