What is buying innovation? Our Innovation Practice Manager, Ollie Maitland, shows a way of thinking and frameworks we use for our clients to aide innovation. From Design Thinking to Lean Startups to Inviqa's Business First approach what is the common link and how can we make this understandable?


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Marcello Duarte at 14:06 on 9 Dec 2016

Great open fir the day, setting the tone around innovation. Ollie's done his home work. A thoughtful presentation, inspiring as keynotes should be.

Inviqa UK at 14:18 on 9 Dec 2016

Fantastic !!

Carlos Ortega at 14:56 on 9 Dec 2016

Very interesting point of view.

Mahdi Hastie at 16:33 on 9 Dec 2016

well written, decisive and thought provoking

wodor at 17:02 on 10 Dec 2016

opening talk that opens the mind

Rupert Jones at 09:56 on 12 Dec 2016

Great keynote on Innovation at Inviqa.

Liviu at 10:38 on 12 Dec 2016

Great talk!
Engaging and insightful, Ollie did a great job at getting his message across to the audience.

Mahdi Hastie at 18:43 on 13 Dec 2016

great talk, really resonated with me