This is a hands-on experience, with five to ten minutes per person.

Take a look at some videos:

Explore Vesper Peak!
Through techniques such as photogrammery, real life locations can be brought into the virtual realm and enhanced. For instance, the top of the Vesper Peak mountain in America on a summer’s day, with an interactive robot puppy who you can play fetch with!

Draw, paint and sculpt in 3D!
Using fantastical colours, or fire and sparkle paints, create in 3D with Google Tiltbrush, then walk around your creations!

Defend your spaceship against waves of drones!
For a more active experience, Space Pirate Trainer has you ducking and dodging laser fire from increasing waves of drones. Destroy them before they land three hits on you!

Defend your castle gates against paper attackers!
From atop your battlements, use your bow and arrow to stop attackers from destroying your castle gate. Feel the stretch of the bow as you prepare to unleash arrows against your paper foes!


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The exciter of the events. Exactly the type of thing these events should have.

Mahdi Hastie at 18:43 on 13 Dec 2016

perfect event for a tech conference