What is Functional Programming?


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Given the amount of interest in functional programming at the moment, I liked the idea of gathering a few questions to answer. I also thought that the video was a novel approach that injected a good amount of humour into the proceedings. It's a pity that this talk was in a short timeslot, and then was further cut down. It was entertaining, and it would have been great to see it delivered at a relaxed pace with more questions answered.

Good potential, and clearly many people were interested as the room was very full, but a shame it wasn't given more time! I liked the video but sadly couldn't hear it at the back of the room either! Hopefully I'll get the chance to hear it another time, maybe an enlightening lunch or training day?

Becky Jones at 11:53 on 29 Feb 2016

I agree in that this could have definitely been improved with a longer session and/or training session, I left with a basic understanding of what Functional Programming is but I would like to know more, eg. when to apply in a real world problem.