The term 'Quality Assurance' has a controversial reputation within parts of the testing community - quality cannot be assured, although it can be assessed, analysed, advocated for, questioned or improved. However 'Testing' does not fully describe what modern testers do and the impact they can have on project success. Could there be a better label for the role that Inviqa's QA Team performs?

In this talk, James will discuss the limitations of both 'QA' and 'Testing' as labels for the role/purpose of Inviqa's QA team, as well as previous attempts to define these terms. He will also explore the many ways that our QA Analysts use their time and skills to help ensure project success and meaningful quality, and situations where our role overlaps with others. Attendees will be invited to contribute to the discussion and suggest possible alternative labels to 'QA' and 'Testing'.


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Spot on as always! Very clear walkthrough of what the essence of QA is and on what we would love to achieve at Inviqa.