Continuous Inspection and Integration of PHP Projects


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Excellent presentation. Covered everything I was hoping it would (and then some) regarding what I need to set up continuous integration.

As always, Sebastian was *extremely* knowledgeable. He backed up his talking points with good examples and told a few funny anecdotes that made the talk more entertaining than it would have been otherwise. He also welcomed questions at any point in the talk, answering them with an expert's insight and a friendly demeanor.

Overall, the tutorial was excellent. I missed the first part of the talk, so some of the following points may have been addressed there. A few things that could improve this tutorial IMO:

* He provided many anecdotes, but I didn't hear a full case study for continuous integration that begins with a problem statement and ends with tangible improvements. For a long tutorial like this, I think this would have helped tie many of the technologies together in to a cohesive continuous integration system.

* He should consider asking the audience questions about their experiences to keep things more interactive, like 'What build systems are you using for your projects?' 'What build system is your favorite and why?'

* It was hard to see him from the back of the room because he was sitting down. It would have helped if he were at a podium or on a stage. This seemed to be a limitation of the room provided to him.

* My wife, who is facing many of the challenges that Sebastian brought up at SugarCRM, mentioned that she would have liked to see a full-pyramid example with unit, functional, and high-level tests against all common technologies, including databases and javascript. This may not have been appropriate for a continuous integration tutorial, but it might make for a good presentation in future conferences.

Thanks Sebastian!