The Cake is a Lie


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Concise summary of what the implications of using such frameworks as CakePHP or Symfony are, but fortunately no bashing of those. Would have been nice to have more real life examples where projects/applications stumbled into the named problems.

Good that you gave this talk despite you didn't plan to. The numbers you showed were quite enlightening - 10.000 lines of generated code for a simple app and no tests ...

In case you want to give this talk again, a clear summary of the pros and cons of using different framework types would be helpful.

Nice presentation on the pitfalls of ORM-based frameworks. I would have liked to see a little more on alternative solutions. Maybe an example of how to achieve the same time to market or more a more maintainable solution using something like PEAR. It is easy enough to say "don't do this", but that leaves people stranded. Adding "try it this way instead" would make the presentation much more helpful.