The next decade


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Really a great talk ;) Very clear, good examples and interesting tricks!

Very inspiring and a lot of things to think about!

JB is very prepared. Nice integrated use of videos which I had never seen before. Probably it was a bit hurried (and late) in the end but the experience was positive.

Anonymous at 20:37 on 30 Nov 2013

Simply great. What's missing? NOTHING

The best start for day 2

Great experience, JBrains is a very skilled professional and a great performer. My only problem with him is that I have not the necessary room in my brain to get all the interesting things he have to say, my bad!

a very inspiring, engaging and well exposed talk

Very inspiring speaker.

I went home with several new lessons learned, that's amazing.

Really inspiring!

Really inspiring!

Incredibly insightful and to the point

Very inspiring, full of truth, absolutely a great talk!

Thank you JB!

Excellent speaker, clear vision, well explained and logically organized. I agree with many concepts explained.

Anonymous at 17:22 on 1 Dec 2013

Excellent speaker, great tricks that must be followed by each agile team.
Great location.

Anonymous at 19:42 on 1 Dec 2013

Nice to meet you. Very good talk! Congratulation!

Anonymous at 21:22 on 1 Dec 2013

Wonderful talk, full of inspirations. Great!

Anonymous at 21:22 on 1 Dec 2013

Wonderful talk, full of inspirations. Great!

Clear contents, great rhythm. The message was loud and clear. Bob Newhart "stop it" summarizes perfectly what we should keep in mind in our everyday work. Kudos!

Insipiring. Fun. Thank you!

Anonymous at 08:42 on 2 Dec 2013

Great talk, maybe not so well balanced for the given time, too many topics.
Thank you :)

A great speech to motivate the experience for firstly understand and therefore challenge the status quo!

Great talk, many useful concepts. I am going to download the talk when it will be available and see it again!
Thank you!

@jbrains has excellent presentation skills and his presentation has been undoubtedly engaging. What I've understood from this talk is for the next decade we don't need to reinvent the Agile wheel, but just STOP-IT! and going back to our (real) Agile roots. Well done JB!

P.S. @Mario Russo:

Probably the best speak that i have seen "live" in my life!

fantastico, avrei voluto vedere di più come migliorare i team agili ma è stata una bella ispirazione

Inspiring! Great ideas on what is missing in Agile. I'll be more careful about them in the future :-)

I will not forget this talk anymore...really inspiring and fun at the same time.

Good insights to think about.
I think that the problem you talked about, "be Agile, don't do Agile" is the point at the centre of many failures on agile transitions.
I believe for sure that people who decided to attend an Agile conf on Saturday, is people that at least are aware about this issue and are trying to be agile.
Thus I would have appreciated some suggestions about how to influence the own team, when many people of it isnt't Agile and isn't trying to became Agile.
This is the great problem that many of us are facing and that we don't know how to address.

Paolo, thank you for your comment. In each case, when I mentioned "What's missing?" you can interpret this as an area to focus the thinking of your teams and the people around you. For example, when you see that your team doesn't discuss and attack risks at your Daily Stand-up, then I recommend that you talk about this with them.

If you want some suggestions about how to influence people, that's why I recommended the book, "The New Strategic Selling". It provides a good place to start. :)

Of course, if the people around you don't value the ideas in agile software development, then you need to address this point first, otherwise you cause exactly the problems that I talked about: you create a new bureaucracy to replace the old one. Why do you want to "be more agile" and why do you think they don't?

Anonymous at 15:49 on 2 Dec 2013

Nice talk and very funny examples, but I think a better title would have been "common pitfalls in agile" rather than "the next decade".

Also the famous question from Kent Beck has been left unanswered (unless I miss something).

In the last slide "towards a new design standard" there is a link ( but it doesn't work for me.

All in all I enjoyed the talk but I had higher expectations. :)

In a relatively small amount of time a precise overview of Agile pitfalls and why we missed the point.
A great command of the stage, really amazing communication/presentation skills... simply awesome, the best talk ever!!!

Very inspiring! One of the best keynote that i ever attended!

The keynote subject was very interesting and catching. The speaker has done an excellent job on the stage.

I will say just two words: stop it! :-D

Great talk that remarks the common pitfalls in agile.

Anonymous at 11:24 on 3 Dec 2013

I am not completly agree that agile is a mindset and not a technique but anyway a very good inspiring talk with a lot of ideas

I think I understand how you feel, Uberto, but I really believe that unless more people do these basic things well, then there really is no "more" to offer. Why run when we can't walk?

As for Kent's question, I have no answer. They have all the money, but we have all the answers. So maybe we need to listen to them some more, and maybe we need to do better in communicating the greatness of our answers. :)

Finally, that link is to a photo I didn't own, and I guess it disappeared. I'm sorry about that. I will remove the link for future versions of the talk.

Very interesting. World wide ranging talk