Agile Talent Development


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Very valuable: good introduction and excellent canvas.
Maybe next time consider NOT to share all outcomes of all groups (doing maybe it in turns) to save a bit of time to be spent on the canvas or on anything else you feel useful.

Inspriring and well presented. Definitely ideas to try.
It was sad for me when the time ran out and we were not able to complete the canvas BTW :/

Anonymous at 16:50 on 12 Nov 2015

very interesting and useful.
I appreciated it particularly because I found a lot of new ideas for team's mood improvement.

what can I say about time? perhaps the time for the last activity (canvas completion) was quite little and we missed the moment of sharing/discussing its outcome. A possible solution could be the one suggested by Simone Longoni.
Another one could be to skip the exercise and show an example and let pairs of people analyze and discuss it

Very interesting ideas to try.

Anonymous at 19:48 on 13 Nov 2015

This very stimulating workshop offered me many ideas and a useful tool that I'm going to use in my work.
Despite the short time available Marco managed to compress in less than 2 hours an effectively presentation.

Anonymous at 12:19 on 17 Nov 2015