Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problem using monads


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Talk straordinariamente interessante!
Le monadi iniziano ad essere finalmente + chiare anche per un programmatore C++ :)

Grazie Batosz

Probably my favorite talk of the meeting!

Even if the concepts don't yet "click" in my head, it definitely inspired me to learn more about functional programming and managed to show the audience how to solve problems efficiently with a completely different mindset.

Thanks, Bartosz - I'll experiment with Haskell as soon as possible :)

Bartosz really bristles with passion for what he explains. He clarified some concepts which - for me - were not so evident just by reading his recent blog posts.

Anonymous at 09:14 on 22 Jun 2015

Another pearl of wisdom from Bartosz; in this case the example was a little more complicated as the solution involved the combination of two monads (list and state) so was difficult to communicate clearly the whole example in just one hour (anyway there are the posts series for a deep understanding). Thanks Bartosz

Attending Bartosz's talk was like catching a glimpse on a brand new world. Making people leave the room with the firm purpose of learn new things is always the best gift one can make to his audience. Thanks a lot, Bartosz.