Adventures in a Legacy Codebase


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A nice and comprehensive insight into refactoring the CRT. Although some legacy code snippets gave me the shivers at first, all the proposed solutions were logical and creative. It's great to know that people like James are working on one of the most important layers in the C++-on-Windows pipeline.

Matteo Italia at 14:25 on 20 May 2016

This was the talk that really engaged me - I wandered inside the CRT many times and I'm addicted to this kind of low-level compatibility issues (I'm a long time follower of Raymon Chen's blog).
Having suffered the VC++ runtimes dependencies mess as a library user and having to deal with modernization of ugly C++ code bases on a daily basis it was really interesting to see the kind of solutions that the VC++ team applied.

The material was appropriate for the talk length and many lessons apply to old C++ code bases in general, although obviously a good Win32 knowledge background really helped appreciate the solutions applied to their specific problems.

Anonymous at 14:28 on 20 May 2016

Great lessons learned and tips. My favourite session.

This was great. I was impressed how affordable is the refactoring effort when you have right people and tools.

This session was great! What I liked most was the explanation of the ratio behind this kind of refactoring, and the policies that were applied in doing that, this have been a great process.You can take a legacy codebase and you can modernize it applying the right effort, and C++ can help you in having a better design with the same (or better) level of efficiency. And this have been a real experience in one of the fundamental component , so it have been also a courageous enterprise. Great lesson learned thanks James!