An Introduction to C++ Coroutines


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Very interesting talk,

I think there should have been a better explanation on why passing const references instead to values to a coroutine is dangerous (the simple examples in the slide were indeed passing std::string objects by value, but no mention was made on why this was necessary).


Matteo Italia at 13:59 on 20 May 2016

Really nice talk about new directions in the language, I really liked the insight into the implementation details - although the many customization points of the coroutines proposal sometimes make the "general direction" of the talk slightly harder to follow.

Given a bit more time probably adding some more concrete use cases would prove valuable.

Anonymous at 14:20 on 20 May 2016

Very interesting session!

A wish I was good enough to grasp all from this talk but anyway it was inspiring. Well done.

Peppe Prota at 14:52 on 22 May 2016

Brillant talk, thanks for sharing your experience

I really enjoyed attending this talk,James is a great speaker