Writing Efficient Javascript Code


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Anonymous at 17:40 on 16 May 2013

Great talk with the insights of JIT!

great talk under the hood!

great talk guy ;)

As @shvi said, none of us will probably need the informations we acquired with this talk, but still it was one of the most interesting talks of the whole conference.

Even if the optimizations we deal with everyday aren't as extreme as this, it's still good to know what's under the hood.

Anonymous at 23:01 on 16 May 2013

great inside view on the v8 engine

Interesting if you want to speed up algorithmic computation, but honestly it doesn't really make sense in everyday web development.
If you observe good practices and good sense, even without knowing how V8 works, your code is usually expected to be ok for VM optimization,

Probably not useful in everyday work, but very interesting

Anonymous at 12:30 on 17 May 2013

Very nice talk!! I would have loved some more examples of the rules of thumb he gave us, i feel they were presented a bit too briefly.

Very informative and interesting. Rating "five" thanks to Pierre's comment in the end... :)

Great talk! Thank you. @shvi did take down a bit of the enthusiasm in the end but i loved having a quite direct view how the compiler is working.

Concepts that make you think a lot, efficiency and optimization must be the first thing a developer haves in his/her mind. Averything is goung to the web, and nobody haves time to thing... brains are lazy (it was another talk). So yes, I've enjoyed it

I loved your talk and learned a lot. To me, this was the most interesting talk of the entire conference. I've always wondered how these JIT compilers function.

It remains magic, but the fear is gone ;)

Thank you for this talk.

the content of tha talk is amazing but I was a but disappointed about the algorytm optimizations... because it's obvious that I've to write the best code/algorytm ;) anyway good talk