Writing testable code


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Great talk, we definitly need more tips from different worlds

Nice talk but I was expecting examples in JavaScript not in PHP!

The content was there, the way it was presented was a little bit lacking, imho. It was hard to follow the refactoring steps.

Nice speech, but in a JS conference I hoped to see those principles explained with a bit of javascript code: mainly because the author referenced a lot functional languages, maybe he could hav given some hints in using the functional capabilities of JS.

Many great advices on writing testable code.
The refactoring steps was not entirely clear, as he went through them quite fast.

The talk was excellent and inspiring.
I agree with other comments on the fact that showing PHP code was a little bit OT, JavaScript would have been better.

Great first part on the theoretical aspects of testable code, lacked a valid example since the one provided was not meaningful

Anonymous at 09:01 on 16 May 2013

Use the funcional programming, Luke. It's true,FP help ed me to ne a better developer. And Brainfuck did the same too!

Good talk. Some advanced examples would have been cool

Anonymous at 22:58 on 16 May 2013

Inspiring and pleasant speaker, it encouraged me to learn new languages and have a more practical approach to code. PHP code part stinks.

Good talk but I like to see more code.

Lots of things to think about and bring back home, I think the focus should be more on JavaScript in this conference.

it makes sense, working in a team, that everybody move their minds over thinking of the final goal. Most code can avoid testing as it already abstract and solid, and the "debugging" (not testing) of this is already dove (probably ages ago). Pragmatic approach to the Testing Unit logic.