Automated CSS-testing with JavaScript – Not just a myth


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made "the point" in an unexplored territory and offers himself as a volunteer to work with a team to a possibile solution

Very interesting talk on a really interesting problem. Unfortunately there is no solution yet.

Anonymous at 19:31 on 15 May 2014

I liked this speech in particular, because it raised interesting questions. I did not agree on some of the points and on the conclusions, but it definitely made me think about the issue.

Great questions, great proposed solutions, great speaker, but I was disappointed because I hoped there really was a way to do it (already)

The problem is hard, the solutions are not perfect, but the presentation was absolutely clear about it!

I understand and I agree with the wish of testing CSS, but I expected something more "ready-to-use" tools.
Jakob is anyway always a good speaker.

Good presenter but the idea is not that good or new, the "design first as specification" doesn't work that well in practice.

It was good to know about the existing tools out there. The speaker was funny enough and competent enough to keep the audience involved from start to end.

Great talk as always