Frameworkless JavaScript with npm and browserify


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Great talk about browserify. IMHO fitting 60 minutes talk into 30 minutes didn't work perfectly, so maybe "less was more". Apart from that, great speaker.

I quite enjoyed the presentation. Was quite a rush but still i brought home a few hints that i definitely need to investigate further. Funny and experienced speaker.

In general I don't agree with the "no framework" mantra, but this talk was really interesting, very inspiring and very well presented

Ponie, meme, but really too fast!

Even if I don't agree completely with what Rob had to say, I liked that the talk was a mix of slides and live demo, and the way that Rob talks.

Rob nailed it down.
Wish to see the discussion after talk going further but time cut it down.

Very interesting to see what is possible with node.js, npm and browserify, but I'm not sure they are enough to not use frameworks at all.

Great talk! Really enjoyed it and glad to see there are other people who think we don't need 'enterprise frameworks' to build apps.

Great speaker, Great talk.

The paste was really fast, but i liked it.