Javascript, metaprogramming, and you


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The talk was interesting, but unfortunately there were a few issues that obscured the message a bit. I'll try to give some feedback:

The Good:

- Massimiliano is very knowledgeable and obviously knows what he is talking about.
- Meta-programming! Lisp!
- Live code transformation!
- MetaScript, new language to try out!
- Good delivery.

The bad:

- Live coding didn't work
- Code a bit too small on screen, hard to read
- Pretty heavy stuff for a ~1hr morning keynote :)
- Author assumed audience was familiar with deep PL concepts
- Few actionable stuff after the talk for a developer that wants to start with macro programming, except perhaps go and check out the Github repository.

All in all, an interesting talk with a huge potential. Can't wait to see its next iteration! In the meantime, I'll give MetaScript a try.

Anonymous at 22:19 on 14 May 2014

Well presented, nice talk and overall i really enjoyed it. Topic is the strongest argument for a high score: Metaprogramming and all the concepts behind it is probably the most innovative idea presented during the whole conference.

What could go better: Mainly Live coding and Small font.

Anonymous at 08:50 on 15 May 2014

Good topic, font hard to read.

Anonymous at 09:30 on 15 May 2014

The font size on the slides was quite small but the talk was great!

sparkling mind! i love macros now :)

Anonymous at 22:55 on 15 May 2014

worst opening keynote ever for an event. keynotes should be about engagement, not advanced technical stuff like this.

In talk arguments where good, they bring a lot of discussion in the arena and that's is more then valuable.

I guess there could have a been a working practical example to really show people what can be achieved with meta programming

The topic was quite interesting, but I think it's difficult to use metascripting in reality, 'cause it's another thing to add in a stack pretty full already (php, js, html, css, etc.)
Anyway Massimiliano was clear I felt it passionate about the topic.
Slides font and color were hard to read (and I was in third row).

Anonymous at 16:28 on 17 May 2014

I would say that the subject is very interesting, and the speaker is extremely passionate and knowledgeable.
I've given it 3 stars for 3 main reasons:
- this should not be an opening key note talk, it is way too technical and low-level for being this early
- live demo is a huge gain, but if it fails, it's a huge fail so there should always be a fallback plan if it's so inherently important to the talk.
- Aside from the talk of the language, i would have loved to hear a more general talk about metaprogramming, when it's useful, when it's good, bad, etc. again, due to the early time in the morning, i think that a more high level talk would've made much more sense.

Interesting stuff, but not for a keynote talk

Interesting subject, too bad lighttable decided to crapout and make a full demo effect :).
Subject is interesting, speaker had the knowlegde, but it may have been a bit too technical for most people.