Make your Backbone applications dance!


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Interesting introduction to marionette, but I think anyone who knows backbone at the level he presumed, also knows marionette, and the target of the talk didn't know backbone enough to understand everything he said.

I dont even know that exist marionette. I never use backbone for his limitation, and now i think that marionette add all the stuff that could make backbone intresting for my future project. Thank you!

Anonymous at 22:53 on 15 May 2014

talk was great, good pace and good stuff explained. I agree about the part that could be hard for non-backbone users, although.. the talk clearly said in the title "let your backbone application dance", which IMO already specified that Backbone experience was a requirement.

The talk simply shared the experience of the author on backbone+marionette. It turned out as an advertise for the framework.

Interesting and quite deep, with practical scenarios. Good job. Mentioning "Marionette" in the title would be helpful.

Try adding more life to speech, but good topic

Good review. With so much code, the talk could have easily go bad, but the speaker did well to keep it interesting. It may be a topic best suited for a workshop though.
I agree with the suggestion of putting Marionette in the title.