Performance Testing Crash Course


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really professional but too much stuff

Too much stuff!!!

An overwhelming load of informations, but well presented (in a hurry) in a very clear english.
What I didn't like (but it's probably not his fault) is that he used a tool for practically every programming language known (I counted js, ruby, python, java, but probably there were some erlang or go too): a maintenance nightmare.

Anonymous at 19:39 on 15 May 2014

I took lots of notes, and I got lots of resources to explore, out of this. A very good primer, but I can see that if I would not have had experience in this, it would have been overwhelming.

Very informative, I will explore a few things described in the talk.

A lot of very useful tools to test perfomance server-side, client-side and much more.
Many useful links, many samples. Great talk. Just a little advice: try to talk a little slower ;-)

Great talk, i loved the run-down of tools. took some stuff to research back home.


Very good. A wide review of tools and techniques to check for performance.
-1 because it's a bit off topic (this is JSday after all). I appreciated it but maybe other JS developers may have liked best a more specific topic.

Lots of links to check later