The spirit of testing


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I was hoping for a more tehnical talk.
Thw talk was good in stating the importance of testing, but lacking in practical examples

Every year an amazing talk. I love the way you make all the slide. I still remember the Zombies of the last year! Unfortunately the room was out of seat and the audio was a bit lacky. I hope next next year they give u trak one room.

Nothing to say about this year's talk :D It was complete, humorous, not too fast exposed, the slides were clear and funny, and it wasn't only a philosophical talk.

I like conferences that interleave hardcoding talks with more theoretical ones. Sometimes you need to sit down and think if you're doing everything well. This talk gave me the opportunity to think about how we do testing and how we can improve it, in a wider way than just discussing "this test framework is better than the other one". Thank you!

Yes, the talk was not technical, but Marco is always very inspiring: he gets the point and give you another way to see things, or at least something to use in practice to give inspiration to others by yourself.

Good talk to pass the message of necessity of testing