The strange world of Javascript and all its little asynchronous beasts


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What i liked:
- Stuff was interesting and "hard" (the good way)
- Presentation was well-done
- The talk contained a few new things i wasn't aware of
- Introduced the most hot topic about JS

I also bought the book

I really appreciaete ur talk! Great content and slide!

Anonymous at 23:40 on 15 May 2014

Cool! Federico has a great knowledge of many languages and he compares them but... one hour it was way too much time and the explanation was very too long. I found it repetitive some times. Sorry I can't give 5 stars :\

The talk was good. To me the only down parts is that it hasn't made clear distinction on differences between what reactive framework (rx.js) and the promises give.

Absoultely great! Where are the slides?

Excellent overview of all those beasts :-)

Beautiful presentation, clear and enlightening despite of the "hard" topic. Well done.

@Massimo Lusetti: slides 91-94 100-103 is my attempt at explaining why rx is better than promises
@Francesco Face: slides are now up. See the link!

Loved the talk, what i was missing is a clear summery on the similarities and differences between all the paradigms and when to you should choose each.