Using mouse & keyboard in games is sooooo 2013.


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Blasco Brauzzi at 17:02 on 14 May 2014

best talk! genious and hilarious!

The best talk ever seen :-)

cool experiments and funny presentation :)

Anonymous at 19:16 on 15 May 2014

The good:
- Recognizing your face + face on t-shirt was pure genius.

The bad:
- The game character got killed at least five or six times...

The ugly:
- You should definitely refine user experience here. Having a yellow and a red apple will not do, for color blind players. Maybe an apple and a watermelon?

The presentation was straight to the point. And what about special effects...

Great presentation by Michal, as always!

If you want to yell during the talk, not talk mind you, but yell, come and see this talk.
Michal at his best as usual :)