You have ruined JS


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lol, te TRUTH revealed in a comic way

Probably the perfect closing keynote. Even if you don't agree with everything he said, you can't avoid stopping and thinking about the truth in his words.
Also, ponies!!!

Anonymous at 21:36 on 15 May 2014

A source of inspiration and a rare opportunity to stop and think about the direction you are taking as a developer.

extremely funny — and sadly true story.

I agree with you and your presentation rocks! Fucking true.

A light talk which was also a light-speed leap forward.
Everyone should take "Time. Stop and start thinking" as a mantra.

Fun and interesting - Rob has a beautiful comic verve, and the keynote was thorough and though-provoking. But.

Ok Rob, we all know that if we had time to spend learning things, this world would be a better place. We all know that keeping things pure and magic "as-it-was-those-beautiful-days" is a praiseworthy activity. But things just evolve, more people involved in the process = more technologies and more ideas under the spotlight. Maybe you don't love them all, but noone is asking you to do it. All this anger and "i'm right, you're wrong" attitude (althought provocative, or at least i hope so) seemed a bit awkward to me.

And please, don't speak so fast. Your audience might be wrong in using emberjs, but at least don't blame them for not being english native.

Best presentation hands down, I felt the same way about the topic but I don't agree that the language should not be further developed.

Although i oppose rants, and really hardly agree with many of the things said.
Rob is an amazing speaker, really engaging and fun to listen to, so whatever he talks about would be a blast, and that's actually the real point of a closing keynote.

so, thanks for a blast Rob.

Rob is an amazing fucking genius!

It was obviously a joke, and as a joke it was fun.