Back to the future: Isomorphic javascript applications


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Great talk and speaker!
N.B. the best slides of conference!

Great talk and interesting solution. Bravo!

Anonymous at 17:32 on 14 May 2015

Anonymous at 22:34 on 14 May 2015

One hour to tell us that you were not satisfied with Angular or React so you wrote your own code...

Maybe the idea was interesting, but I probably failed to understand the implementation details and advantages.
From what I saw, they just replaced a "old school server-side PHP-generated full HTML pages with static URLs" with "cool hipster-new server-side Node-generated full HTML pages returned in a fake JSON object via API".

One of my favourite talk. Mainly because he showed us how a company with a business centered on a (SPA) website quite new and made in Angular decided to rewrite the frontend without using a particular framework but assembling the best libraries over there. Probably the best approach today.

Good presentation of a real world solution to a real world business problem.

Is javascript server+frontend the right solution? I don't have answer to that question, but it's good to see a real company facing the opportunity of trying new tech solution.