Breaking the broken web


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While topics were interesting and speaker was good, it was an end of 2nd day and I felt keynote was too long.. only reason for not giving 5* :(

Anonymous at 22:39 on 14 May 2015

Diversity, accessibility, and sanity. How could we disagree? Time to unbreak the web.

The speaker was proficient, highly knowledgeable and really funny.

A goood heads-up for both browser makers and frontend developers to improve the web ecosystem. Maybe a bit too long, but enjoyable.

Smart and brilliant, agree with the most parts from Simpson's manifestos

Anonymous at 11:19 on 15 May 2015

Americans cannot speak naturally with Italians... brilliant talk but I'm quite sure that a half of the attendees followed not so easily.


Perfect closing keynote and a much needed call to action too.

Perfect closing keynote

Great ending keynote!