Dancing with Robots


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Blasco Brauzzi at 23:45 on 13 May 2015

who wouldn't want an Arduino that makes you spritz!?

Anonymous at 09:26 on 14 May 2015

Anonymous at 11:20 on 14 May 2015

Anonymous at 12:42 on 14 May 2015

Almost everything did not work. Without any doubt reason of that was caused by lack of preparation. It was unprofessional.

Could have prepared the demos better, but who needs working demos when you have spritz-making robots?

I liked the talk a lot. Very passionate speaker showing amazing amount of HW setups and what can be done...

Unfortunately more than few demos didn't work (if I understood correctly his laptop died that morning)..

It was so funny: drones, lights, spritz and a bit of insanity. :D

Very enthusiastic and interesting.
Many demos didn't work, but I was kind of expecting it, given the "bleeding-edgeness" of the topic.
What worked was quite fun, though.

That's the kind of presentation that make people happy of being in front of a computer for hours without eating and washing, just to see a led turn on!! thumb's up!!

the presentation was quite messy, but I give 5 stars for the enthusiasm and passion to show its "creatures". And sure also for the spritz -maker robot

Ridiculous. And I payed for seeing something like that.

Great idea, really passionate speaker but a lot of things didn't work and the presentation results really messy