FireFox OS for Dummies


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Anonymous at 15:57 on 14 May 2015

Lots of screaming and throwing chocolate at the audience. Mostly ranting about Mozilla, FirefoxOS, GitHub, Git, and just anything. Weirdly accusing Mozilla of spying on their users and GitHub being a censoring company. I didn't learn a thing about FirefoxOS itself although it should've been an introduction.

Very few valid points, diluted in wide digressions about personal beliefs. He introduced problems without providing insight about what he did to try solving them and what is being done to overcome them. Unfortunately the talk neither made people more productive, nor more imaginative. A better title could be "Firefox OS for haters".

From 'for dummies' talk I expected to cover much more of basics-> how stuff works and how to do stuff while this was much more abstract.

More than few valid points done, some indepth things covered but speaker kept the audience in fear to ask/communicate anything with his aggressive attitude.

I'm strongly opinionated person too but ranting outside of the subject is really unprofessional (if it was kept on the subject like Linus did to Nvidia few years ago I would give this talk additional 2 stars).

Anonymous at 04:16 on 14 Jul 2015

Speaker got all relevant information in place, and did not shy away from critizicing mozilla. Bad feedback from fanboys shows that he was right