JavaScript Craftsmanship


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Anonymous at 00:42 on 14 May 2015

Interesting talk although there were too many "useless" informations about basics stuff.
I didn't quite get why OOP is related to good testing, but overall I enjoyed the talk.

Anonymous at 12:54 on 14 May 2015

Not exactly the level what i wanted.. but overall it was ok

Anonymous at 16:09 on 14 May 2015

I'm not convinced this approach brings the benefits outlined in the talk but it was interesting to see how others are bending JS.

Very positively, this presentation got a lot of attendees talking, weighing up the pros and cons. For engaging discussion, this talk was 5 stars.

Maybe it was too advanced for me, but I did't get the point.

Sometimes too basic, and some points were debatable, but the main problem with this talk is the way it was presented, with a monotonic voice, no interaction, no enticement and just after lunch. It was sleep-inducing.

Anonymous at 22:16 on 14 May 2015

Not convinced *at all* that it is a good idea to split a closure apart, and send the function afloat with a lexical context coming out from nowhere. To me, a closure is a closure: a function with its context.

Maybe the part about testing would have been more enlightening?

It fostered good discussion afterwards and contained various interesting points and examples. The overall talk was a bit rushed and the points made weren't so clear at times, tho.