Offline-first web apps, the painless way


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A nice introduction to the various useful tools to create online/offline web app.

Cool overview of useful stuff to look at to improve user experience

Nice overview of useful tools for offline first devlopment

a lot of interesting starting points to deep dive later presented in a nice way

Anonymous at 22:38 on 14 May 2015

A bit basic, but a good review. I would have loved to see something about security in connection to this.

A lot to think about. Really nice talk.

Very good talk with interesting ideas.
A bit too short, as he used just half the time he had. With a bit of work and more code examples to fill the 1-hour slot, it would be perfect.

Very good talk that perfectly illustrated the importance of thinking "offline-first".

This was one of my favorite talk at jsDay. It gives me a lot of idea. Very good presentation and timing.