REAL JavaScript games outside your computer.


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Blasco Brauzzi at 16:15 on 13 May 2015

very nice but last year it was better.

Anonymous at 00:40 on 14 May 2015

It's amazing how he incorporated idea of 3d printing board game figures into JS conference talk .. and it was actually related!

I cant be 100% objective since I'm fan of Michal's presentation freestyle ... but he's been better

He managed to relate 3d printing and Javascript and make it fun.

Too much to say in too short time. I would have preferred two hours for this, at least.

Anonymous at 22:01 on 14 May 2015

To me, it all boiled down to "yeah, I 3D printed this plane rotations, obtained via a online editor which (incidentally) uses JS to be

But probably I missed the point of this speech entirely.

Good speaker, nice idea!

Nice idea for the speech, badly implemented. Very short speech