So you want to learn javascript? an open letter to a future front end developer


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A very inspiring talk, a perfect fit for a closing keynote.

Anonymous at 11:17 on 14 May 2015

No food for thought, just personal opinions. Very bad English.

It was more of a keynote than talk material. Not sure if the speaker wasnt prepared well or doesn't have much experience speaking in English because at times it was really hard to understand.

Hi all, I'm sorry about the bad english, possibly I over estimated my language skills and didn't consider I should have spoke slower, trying to be more clear.

The talk itself was meant to be a keynote-ish talk proposing a point of view, surely was not technical, but to be honest I would say it's not fair to say there was no food for thoughts.

Anonymous at 22:25 on 14 May 2015

This community *needs* this kind of reminders, now and then.
More now, than then.

Inspiring... And Marco always nails it :-)