The Fluid Architecture


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Anonymous at 00:40 on 14 May 2015

It was a talk more about database migration than fluid architecture itself. I still enjoyed it.

Anonymous at 12:52 on 14 May 2015

Presentation about different thing. Messy sometime..

As an example of migration it was very good. Less as a real implementation of Node.js app

Good overview! Maybe you can improve the talk with some more code examples!

good about migration strategies, maybe a little bit tiring to follow

Too centered on data structures and how to migrate them. It's true that those concepts were generic and not only about data, but the whole talk was about data... probably the choice of the title was unlucky.

The introductory part felt a bit uncertain but the overview of the migration strategies was well presented. Probably just needs some more polishing.

The talk was interesting, and much needed (despite the fact that not a lot of people get it).

My main critic is that you should have made it clear that you have performed every single one of those migration strategies in production, and you should have said for *each* of them what happened in practice.

Probably "any" smart developer can think of all those migration approaches, and the value of your talk should have been the hindsight you get after trying them.