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Blasco Brauzzi at 16:13 on 13 May 2015

very interesting! the debate with the audience on react.js' unconventional way of applying styles was the vest part

I think the best part about react.js is the single data flow, and I can't even remember this being mentioned. Also the focus was too much on the comparison with angularjs IMHO.

Great presentation, good trolling, too bad that it last just 20 min long.

Very likeable speaker with lots of enthusiasm although, disappointed that the very short session that didn't really spend as much time focussing on the elegance of React. Instead chose Angular to pick (I have learned from past experience this is not a good approach when doing a talk).

There was too much focus on you should write your CSS inline in react components which is debate-able as far as a best practice.

I came away with the message that you can now just forget good practices, shove any rubbish into a React component which is not the case.

Anonymous at 18:31 on 14 May 2015

Too short session for a brilliant framework.

He didn't manage to convince me to go back and mix html, (inline) css and javascript in a single file. Maybe with more time and better code examples he would have been able to make his point better, but the idea I had from this talk is that React is moving us back 20 years.

Anonymous at 22:09 on 14 May 2015

Anonymous at 23:05 on 14 May 2015

Good presentation idea but, honestly, not well handled. Trying to go out of our comfort zone is good but, this is not a good reason, for example, to not take advantage of the cool features of CSS. Using inline CSS like this is obviously not a good idea in most cases. What about pseudo selectors, media queries...?
I liked the enthusiasm of the speaker, but I think he need a better preparation on the topic.
I hope he will do better next time!

I like the presentation even if it sounds not applicable for everything. The good part is "despite of talking about who wins in the templating/js/angular war, let's talk about a real use case"

SBAM! The talk was great!!! ...but the slides were not aligned!

Not easy to put the seed of doubt in so many minds in only 30 minutes. Probably too much time spent in speaking about inline css inside components, but it was a good example for explaining why separation of technologies nowadays are not as important as in the past.
Wonderful beard.

Good talk, I enjoyed the passionate approach of the speaker. At times it felt a bit on the "hype" side as tradeoffs of the inline css choice i.e. weren't properly addressed when challenged from the (quite experienced) audience