Building Event-driven Serverless Applications


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The title should be "Building an app using only Amazon Web Services (and be locked-in as a result)", as it's basically a 1-hour-long advertisement for Amazon.

Which can be interesting, but I felt deceived.

And there were about 15 lines of javascript shown, and a "use our JS SDK for Node.js to use our services"...

slamballx at 00:04 on 12 May 2016

Maybe "Powered by Amazon" it would have been more appropriate :)
A great speaker and a very good talk about Amazon Web Services: what they are, how to use them, which is the role of each of them (and they are a lot), how they interacts, ...
Unfortunately the abstract isn't clear about the intent of the talk: show the entire Amazon cloud offering

Samu at 01:10 on 12 May 2016

The title is misleading, for the next time maybe it could be better explain that ONLY amazon oriented.
Great explanation of amazon services that covers every steps that a developer needs to have for going serverless.

Samuele Cat Gatti at 09:13 on 12 May 2016

Good speaker, but commercial talk. Don't like it

100% commercial talk with no real examples. Useless

Simon Vocella at 15:04 on 13 May 2016

It was a marketing talk

M_a_s_s_i at 21:53 on 17 May 2016

The talk by itself could have been ok in another context, but it should have been clear from the title and abstract that it was pure AWS marketing and nothing technical at all.

Commercial amazon talk masked by a cool (and false) title... I'm not happy