Reactive programming with Cycle.js


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Great talk but example code was unreadable (blue on black) :)

Giorgio Cefaro at 19:46 on 11 May 2016

inspiring talk, maybe code not so easy to follow (dark theme not helping)

The introduction to functional programming was nice. The part about reactive programming was a bit confusing. And the talk didn't cover React.js or RX.js at all, presenting Cycle.js instead (which is based on Rx.js, but still...)

slamballx at 23:48 on 11 May 2016

A lot of stuff in this talk!
Very clear speaker
Very interesting subject
My favourite talk of the day 1, but a 2-hour session would be most appreciated :)

Claudio at 00:30 on 12 May 2016

My favourite talk of the day

Samu at 01:05 on 12 May 2016

Cycle.js not React.js but very interesting!
My 2 cents it's for code example unreadable with the conference set up and very speed talk, maybe sometimes less is more :)
Anyway great talks!

Marek Kalnik at 10:19 on 12 May 2016

Great talk, very inspiring. Not much React.js though and some code samples were confusing. I am not only speaking of color scheme but the code itself was sometimes a bit complicated to read fast.

Thanks everyone who attended the talk! sorry about the theme of my editor, next time I'll use one with a white background :)


Good talk about an interesting topic but the session title was not up-to-date. The example could be replaced with a better one.

Simon Vocella at 15:05 on 13 May 2016

Good talk!

Diego Parolin at 08:11 on 17 May 2016

Very very amazing talk with interesting arguments that I didn't know.