IndexedDB is not new. It is supported in almost every browser. Without it, the future of progressive web apps are in peril.
But there is not a lot of love for it and that needs to change.

We'll investigate why we should love IndexedDB and the kind of apps you can create when you have the power of a database in the browser. Then we'll dive into how to use IndexedDB with a look at both the terrifying API and the friendly libraries that will help us along the way.

Together we'll discover a new love for IndexedDB.


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Nice topic

Well written and executed, such a shame the live demo did not work.

Stefano Sala at 15:39 on 12 May 2017

Well presented, brilliant!

Nice talk, a lot of the boilerplate code could have been done before hand for saving time, and a few more advanced examples and usages would be interesting

Andy Johnson at 22:06 on 12 May 2017

was unhappy for the WebSQL end (soon or later) and now reviewing my mind on IndexDB