Balsamiq Mockups, the popular tool for wireframing, was based on Adobe Flash/Air. We rewrote it from scratch using Javascript as main language, to make it run natively on the browser, while desktop and mobile versions are in the works. During this project, that took more than two years of work, we faced a lot of technical challenges in all fields: multiplatform architecture, UI performance , vector graphics, real time collaboration, management of a large codebase, ES6, debugging, automated and manual testing...
In this talk, centered on the web version of Balsamiq Wireframes (we also fixed the name!), I will discuss the choices we made, what worked well and what not so well, what we learned and... what we did not. :-)


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Stefano Sala at 15:41 on 12 May 2017

Next time, more convinced and more excitement, it seemed you had a bit of lack of motivation to give this talk :)

Miro Svrtan at 02:05 on 13 May 2017

Talk had great potential, I really like 'from the trenches' talks of why/how/what was done but speaker felt bit unprepared/inexperienced or maybe just as other comment suggests, unmotivated.