The idea is to explain what Custom Elements are good for, when you can take advantage of this new technology in combination with the other Web Components feature and how to integrate them with JS frameworks like React, Angular etc...


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Interesting to know how many different ways are there do do things in JS!

Really interesting content!
I can't wait to see the pattern library :)

Federico Gandellini at 17:34 on 11 May 2017

a must-see introduction to custom-elements!

Federico Gandellini at 19:24 on 11 May 2017

very good talk, maybe a little slow in some points but a must if you want to start exploring the amazing world of custom components!

Great introduction to custom elements with a glimpse of use cases.
The pace of the talk could receive some improvements :)

Stefano Sala at 15:38 on 12 May 2017

This talk just needs a bit of practice on pace and english, otherwise :+1:

An interesting introduction to web components.