The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning fields are incredibly vast, but only going to grow bigger. Right now, the majority of individuals in the field are not Javascript developers, but rather Python and other high-level programming languages. This talk aims to show people an entry point into writing and using AI/ML in the browser using some newer technologies, and how these powerful tools can be harness to help with development, accessibility, personalization, and interactivity on the web.


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Matteo Ronchi at 16:45 on 10 May 2018

Incredible interesting!well presented and easy to follow

A very interesting way to build interactive AI. I really liked the examples and the frameworks presented.

Luigi De Rosa at 08:41 on 11 May 2018

Great introduction to AI/ML and classification!

Thank you for this nice presentation, very easy to follow!

Nir Noy at 10:40 on 12 May 2018

Very interesting, awesome!! Shame the speaker doesn't use whatsapp

Mary at 10:57 on 12 May 2018

I will try it out

Interesting talk with muchos examples and live code that worked! The code was hard to read from the back of the room.