Node Files. Take #1337. ~ * Action! * ~ INT. jsDay CONFERENCE VENUE The camera zooms in on an intense discussion between Scully and Mulder. Both are huddled around a terminal, both are uncertain about the next steps. Ghosts of old TCP connections wail in the background. Scully is frantically typing. The left hand side shows a new session starting. Soon a new stream created. Multiple requests come in and Scully and Mulder frantically look at each other with a single face expression -- what. do. we. do. now? A minute passes. Scully looks like she has an idea. ~ * Scene * ~ In this fresh off the press episode of Node Files, I will take you to a set of Node.js' implementation of HTTP2. Its quirks, its benefits, and its workings explained and illustrated. How do we get from an established connection to TLS decryption? How does the concept of session come in to play? How does node handle memory usage when it comes to HTTP2? And what are these frame things everyone keeps talking about? This and more explained in HTTP2, one frame at a time. Coming to theatre near you from Spring 2018.


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Great overview for this new and fast protocol ⚡

João Ferreira at 11:58 on 9 May 2018

Thanks for the talk, left me wanting to implement this asap. It's only not 5* because there's a lot of boilerplate code that isn't so interesting to watch live. Perhaps it'd be better to have those already templated and do the live bits on the interesting stuff?

Luca Maroni at 12:40 on 9 May 2018

Maybe it could be slightly better without live coding, but the topic was awesome!

Sadeem M K at 13:53 on 9 May 2018

enjoyed it .. i liked the live coding gives an idea of what can go wrong

Samuele Lilli at 19:46 on 9 May 2018

A nice overview about HTTP2.
Bonus point for slides, “malus” point because live coding were pretty much a copy/paste from other files so, at least to me, it wasn’t necessary to do live coding but would have fit better a simple explaination of pre-existing examples.

BTW really nice talk.

Very good introduction to http2, how it works, how to build a client and a server. Slides were extremely polished and with amazing graphics. Live demo went great.

Leo gullotta at 09:47 on 10 May 2018

Very nice and clear talk, made me wanna try!

Guido D'Orsi at 20:35 on 10 May 2018

One of the best talks of the conference

Stefano at 22:10 on 10 May 2018

Wow! Nice and well structured talk about http2 with bonus tricks on how to test in local env. Well... the live coding, as said before, slowed the speech... only screenshot with explanation could be enough!

Luca Fabbri at 09:22 on 11 May 2018

Irina Shestak show us how simple can be nowadays to activate HTTP2 and why is so important to do so, even if without any other caveats. "Just use it" was the main message.
I liked the live session coding but, maybe due to shortage of time (30 mins are not that much), I was not able to see the potential of HTTP2 in the produced code.
Finally the "metrics" section of the talk, where the speaker shown benefits of performance, were not so detailed. I'm pretty sure that a longer talk/video from the same speaker could be a 5/5 starts.

Loved the live coding demo. The talk had good balance between theory and practice and it was pretty clear.

niccord at 15:18 on 15 May 2018


Very nice, perhaps the topic would have needed more time