We've all heard of Progressive Web Apps but who knows what a PWA is? How can I add PWA features to my existing Website/Web application? During this talk, we use Lighthouse, an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages, understanding which features we need to transform our website into a full-fledged PWA. We're going to run Lighthouse, using it as a checklist for creating the perfect PWA.


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A step by step walkthrough Chrome's audits tab to make the perfect PWA ?

Daniela Mogini at 19:39 on 9 May 2018

I liked the lighthouse approach!

Stefano at 08:51 on 10 May 2018

Good approach for make PWA by lighthouse driven! Good tips and explanation!

Great intro to pwa development, thanks for the talk!

Luca Fabbri at 09:15 on 11 May 2018

A clear and step by step walk-though into using Chrome Dev Tools to start supporting Progressive Web App and cover all of the main requirements.
The talk was detailed enough, with simple code easy to understand but without digging to much into too low-level details. The live coding session was enlightening, attendees were able to see how simple can be nowadays to have the power of PWA in their code.

Mary at 10:40 on 12 May 2018

Thank you Maurizio for giving an example. Knowing very little about pwa, everything was clear to me