At 10am on Black Friday, your phone rings: the new JS application you deployed came under too much load, and the site has gone down! Your employer is losing sales opportunities... your employer is losing money! But you don’t lose your cool. You log into your cloud provider and tweak your autoscaling settings. Now the deployment can handle the load spike but with four times the number of servers, which is four times the cost. The next day, you try to analyze what happened and begin to optimize your application to prepare for future load spikes. This talk is a journey into the world of Node.js performance, taking a look at the available tools and optimization techniques inspired by insight gained from glimpsing under the hood of Node and V8.


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Always a pleasure to hear Matteo. Interesting talk, but also this one explained in a very small time window.
Hope to have 45 minutes sessions in the future, not 30 ones ;-)

Samuele Lilli at 19:56 on 9 May 2018

Overview talk so and it would have deserved a longer slot.
Usually for this kind of talks I give a 4/5 rating but this time the talk seemed not to fit week available time so I didn’t fully enjoyed

Good info, but it would be better if the presenter used more standard tools for the analysis

Liked the content and the (funny) exposition

niccord at 15:24 on 15 May 2018

super funny and interesting talk from Matteo.